Dr Navid Alizadeh, international expert in injection of hyaluronic acid fillers

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Navid ALIZADEH is an international expert in hyaluronic acid injection for facial rejuvenation and beautification. He has treated thousands of patients for beautification and rejuvenation.

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> Safety first, and natural long lasting results as our goal

Our treatments are based on best practice medicine, that means we suggest treatment that have received international expert consensus. Among other most updated tools, we use ultrasound and by infrared technologies to optimize our result and increase the safety of our patients. Below, please check our video on these valuable tools:

Ultrasound analysis of tissue permits visualzation of differnet face layers, the position of the injected fillers and vessels
Infrared vessel detection to avoid bruising and accidental intravascular injections

> Collaboration with Reputable laboratories

Dr. Navid ALIZADEH also collaborates with the most reputable laboratories, such as Teoxane SA and Relife/Menarini Group. As an expert in hyaluronic acid injection, he brings his expertise to improve the injection techniques and to other specialist trainings during masterclasses. As an international consultant, he is also regularly consulted for management of rare complications related to hyaluronic acid injections from around the world.

> Expert of fillers complication managment

He is also the Clinical international consultant taking care of the management of rare complications related to hyaluronic acid injections from around the world.

> Active in scientific research and fillers future developpement

Moreover, Dr. Navid Alizadeh is involved in several scientific studies. Among these, a clinical trial is focusing on a new hyaluronic acid with very interesting properties for rejuvenating the face (do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to participate).

Another study looks at inflammatory complications related to hyaluronic acid injections has been published in June 2024, with the aim of improving our knowledge and the management of patients with this type of complications. This is a link to this scientific article: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13555-024-01202-3.

Finally, a new didactic methodology has been submitted for publication in a scientific journal, in order to improve the teaching of specialists in hyaluronic acid injection. We hope to be able to share more details very soon.