Below you can read some feedbacks from our patients who had plastic surgery in our clinic in Geneva:

“At 59, I finally decided to perform a breast reduction. After making an appointment for a first contact, Dr. Alizadeh was clear enough and sure of the result,that I decided quickly enough to choose a date for the operation, which took place in October 2018 So it’s almost a year now, and during all this period there is a follow-up, appointments close after the operation, and as everything was fine, increasingly spaced. Actually, the result is exactly the one that I expected, what happiness and what a difference! It’s a shame I did not decide to take the step sooner, but most of all, I’m sure that even at this age he there are only advantages. So at any age, I can only recommend you this operation, and I found with Dr. Alizadeh a good advice, good follow-up, and excellent surgery. So at any age, I can only recommend you this operation, and I found with Dr. Alizadeh a good advice, good follow-up, and excellent surgery.” J. B.
” Little card to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful year 2018. I also take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for all your help, listening and work done. Thanks to you 2017 has been better …. A huge thank you … ” S.S.

“I was born with sturge-weber syndrome (angioma) which required several interventions since my childhood.For short, Professor Denys Montandon (who stopped his career) recommended you to continue the continuation of my treatment and I have been your patient now for several years. Having undergone transplants and a reconstruction of the face, I arrived with medical problems difficult to solve.I want to let you know that you have always been listening to me and that you have done a great deal of medical help and especially with extreme caution, to avoid more serious problems.To that I want to thank you, because if today you could practice the intervention of this week, it is thanks to your rigor in the performance of your profession Once again, thanks to you, I feel much better and confident for the rest of my treatment, I wish you a long career to help all the people who like me need you. I also thank Professor Montandon who advised me the best surgeon. ” D. B.

When age starts to torment, it is legitimate to try to erase those affronts of time, which is not without some hesitation. Dr. Alizadeh helped me by giving freshness to my features; my “facelift” is remarkably natural. My compliments to this practitioner who combines expertise, wisdom and dexterity! I wish to emphasize the quality of welcome and professional support of Care Geneva Centre’s staff. B.B.

I would like to thank the Care clinic for the respect, understanding and professionalism shown to me during and after my procedure. I was a little nervous to be honest, but it was unfounded. The results of the intervention are both very natural and aesthetically pleasing, much better than I imagined. I can honestly say that for me this procedure has been a life changing experience. My only regret is that did not do it sooner. I.M.

Only women who have had large breast can understand the inconveniences caused daily (sore back / shoulder dress code, heavier silhouette, discomfort in playing sports) … For my part, I would just say that Dr. Alizadeh made a wonderful work! He advised me, reassured and followed throughout the process pragmatically and professionally. Since I left the Clinic, I am more than delighted, enchanted !!! and besides, my husband loves my “new small breasts! “I think we’re very fortunate to live in this world where we are not simply reduced to resignation or to suffering but which offers wonderful opportunities to regain well-being and a new joie de vivre! E.S.

I underwent a rhinoplasty by Dr. Alizadeh 3 months ago and I am more than delighted. My nose, although with minimal defects (small bump, hyperprojection, drooping tip smiling) complexed me enormously since several years and I had in mind a clear idea of ​​the improvements that I wanted to bring him. Dr. Alizadeh showed himself to listening and understood the need correction that would allow me to feel better about myself peau.

Dr. Alizadeh showed a great surgical skill and achieved a magnificent precision work. Healing was very fast, leaving no trace of the intervention. The result is natural and in harmony with the rest of my face, it exceeds even my expectations. Finally, I am enjoying the aesthetics I dreamed of my complex and flew away! As a student, the intervention was a certain cost, but I do not regret it in the light of the excellent results I obtained.

The nurse of the Clinic, reassure me before surgery, and told me that I had chosen an excellent surgeon, and they were right!

Dr Alizadeh, many thanks for your work as an artist and your kindness, I can only recommend you. F.P.

Following my liposuction and breast lipofiling, I am satisfied with the result, the scars are barely visible. After the operation I had no pain in the breast, just some discomfort for few days. I would do it again without any problem. J.D.

Hello Doctor, Just a note to thank you for this procedure. You were able to clearly explain the procedure and inform me about the level of pain and recovery times. I have not suffered and convalescence s’ went well. I’m delighted with the result !! Best regards, C.F.

Dear Doctor, I have already told you in person and I would like to repeat here my entire satisfaction the results of blepharoplasty and laser treatment of face and neck Full satisfaction is an understatement. I am delighted by the spectacular rejuvenation my face it far exceeds my expectations as I remain appreciative for your art doctor did you know, for your listening and your eyes Pygmalion. I propose interventions that best suited my state. Your empathetic and caring attitude softened invasive and painful interventions coast.Z.G.

Dr. Alizadeh,
I thank you with all my heart for your work as an artist.
You’ve turned my stomach and my life, your professionalism and your patience have made this transaction was for me a very good time spent without pain and in good spirits.
I had a very distended with two pregnancies and yo-yo dieting stomach…
Now I can once again put two pieces swimsuits….it’s fantastic.
The thank you is not enough because you really lit my life!
I can only recommend you because you know dosing applications for aesthetic and surgical alterations are natural and the result is always perfect. V.P.

I have been there not long surgery, ie, a facelift, performed by Dr. Alizadeh. I ‘m thrilled, delighted, delighted. I have not suffered the contact the doctor was very nice and the result is attractive. I feel rejuvenated me several years. effect is very natural, all my friends think I’m good-looking. and myself, I regained my confidence.J.R.

I underwent surgery for breast augmentation on January 12, 2012. I can not recommend Dr. Navid Alizadeh who has been listening to me before and after the intervention, as often as I needed. I am fully satisfied and I thank Dr. Alizadeh of excelent results has changed my quality of life, both physically and psychologically.H.D.

Operated on 05.09.2011 breast reduction in both breasts, my wishes and my expectations were fully collected, studied and performed by Dr. N. ALIZADEH, resulting from this date :

-total disappearance of my back pain ( inflamed rhomboids).
-undeniable improvement of the position of my shoulders and my back with my report skeleton (port and general stature), light bust.
-Comfort significant for sports (walking, swimming) and travel (seat aircraft and cars).
-greatly improved possibilities clothing ( bras, swimwear, top, sweater etc.).
-general physiological and psychological state taking its meaning ” be well in his skin, in his body.

The result of this intervention gives me satisfaction, and I thank Dr. Navid ALIZADEH for his excellent work as well as his post-operative care. I.B.

Dear Doctor,
I send you this note to express my appreciation for your customized  aesthetic medicine treatment adpated to my needs.
I am not facing you to rejuvenate me, nor to change me, especially not to become another person. I wanted to be myself, but I wanted to bring my “look” with my personality, to soften my features, while remaining natural.
I appreciate that you were not just listening to me, but you advised me, oriented, and have enlightened me on achievable outcomes without directing me to false illusions.
With this team -work between patient and doctor, and we were able to get very natural results, and now my eyes more open, my face more illuminated, softened my lines…and people say to me: “As you’re good-looking” and “you really joyful air!” F.G.

Hello Doctor,
Just this little message to tell you that I spent absolutely wonderful holiday,
I saw! I could go to the beach without hiding, without suffering physically from heat,
but mostly I was finally able to buy the dresses I dreamed for a long time….
It changed my whole way of seeing people, seeing life and morally
thanks to this operation that I feel good!
Highly recommended to all women who are reluctant…
Regards, H.N.

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