Care Geneva lip treatment

The aim of the procedure is to obtain a sculpting of the lips. The volume is enhanced and the natural shape is kept. In general, patients may return to their regular life immediately after the procedure. They may experience swelling and possibly bruising for a few days or a week. Discomfort is minimal, and pain medication is generally not necessary.

Complications are rare, but they should be mentioned:

  • Haematoma
  • Infection
  • Partial resorption
  • Cold sores

Lip treatment : Lip augmentation may also be offered by lipofilling under local anaesthesia. The incisions are hidden at the corners of the lips. The result is very stable over time, but it requires the removal of skin from the groin.

Lip Treatment Beforelip treatment after
Lip treatment by hyaluronic acid, before and after photos

Our educational videos of procedure contain information media and notes
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