Care Geneva Wrinkle Treatment using hyaluronic acid dermal filler

Dermal fillers treat skin depressions.

What we actually see in wrinkles, it is the shadow created at adjacent furrows to ride. Fillers allow decreasing this hollow, to flatten the skin and reduce the visible shadow.

Using fine needles, plastic surgeon can inject fillers in each ride. The product will push the depression to the surface, making it shallower and therefore less visible. The discomfort lasts only the time of injection. You can apply make-up after treatment and return to your daily activities.

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler and fat (see lipofilling) can help mitigate these wrinkles and furrows. These products are injected under the skin and used to fill the cavity left by the weakening of the subcutaneous tissue. These products can also increase the volume of the lips and cheeks. Dermal fillers can be used alone or as part of an overall facial rejuvenation, which requires a combination of other methods, peels, facelifts and neck.

Botulinum Toxin:

Botulinum toxin (with trade names Botox Vistabel, Dysport and Xeomin soon) is a substance that reduces the contraction of muscles acting at the junction of the nerve with the muscle.

Since 1975, doctors use botulinum toxin to correct strabismus child, facial tics and uncontrollable blinking of the eye.

Some facial wrinkles are expression lines caused by the action of the underlying muscles. The main objective of the use of botulinum toxin is to blur the lines and wrinkles at rest, while maintaining sufficient mobility to not affect facial expression. In practice, the most classic indications of botulinum toxin concern frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. Other areas of the face can also be improved with botulinum toxin, such as neck wrinkles, fine lines and facial wrinkles bitterness.

Botulinum toxin is a series of usually not painful injections, using a fine needle. The treatment duration is of the order of several minutes. Patients can resume their normal activities after the injections.

The results are visible between the third and seventh day. You are revised in consultation after two weeks. A ” touch ” can be proposed at this time to perfect the result. After four to six months, the effect fades and must renew the session. From the second injection, the results can be more sustainable (8 months or more).

Side effects of botulinum toxin that you need to know are: headache, infection, nausea, flu-like syndromes, eyelid droop, facial pain. redness of the injected area, paresthesia and muscle weakness. Allergies are exceptional.


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Wrinkles are the most common of passing years and we are all concerned sign. Unfortunately, there is no single treatment for wrinkles, as there are several kinds of wrinkles. Can be classified into 3 categories wrinkles: dynamic wrinkles, fine lines and furrows.

Dynamic Wrinkles

These expression wrinkles or ” smile “. The crow’s feet, forehead and lips part. These wrinkles are caused by the repetitive and constant footprint expression muscles. The skin on these muscles is closely contiguous, and therefore there is direct transmission of muscle movements in the skin. With time, the skin becomes less elastic (called dermal elastosis) and wrinkles become permanent. The choice of treatment is discussed during the consultation with the plastic surgeon depends on several factors. Wrinkles are permanent ? Are they deep ? How many areas need to be addressed?

And different surgical techniques can be proposed: deep peels, laser skin resurfacing, Botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid dermal filler…

Furrows or Very Deep Wrinkles

Nasolabial folds (descending from each side of the nose to the corner of the mouth) and bitter lines (which descend on each side of the mouth to the chin) are key. It is due to the “fall” of the skin on the cheek, mainly due to gravity, which abuts on a fixed area, the mouth. Treatment depends on the depth of the furrow. If it is important, the surgeon may propose the use of fillers. Hyaluronic acid dermal filler and lipofilling are in our opinion the best technqiues. They do not address the problem but make it less visible. The treatment of the cause is the cervicofacial lift, which allows you to reposition the tissues.

hyaluronic acid dermal filler

Fine Lines or Wrinkles

These lines are found in regions where the skin is dehydrated and refined over time, typically on the cheeks. With chemical peels or intense pulsed light (see pages on the site technqiues) could alleviate these early signs of aging skin.