Care Geneva Lipofilling (Fat Injection)

The principle is lipomodelling lipofilling or reuse of the sample extracted by the grease and fat using cannulae reinjected into another area of the body, for the purpose of filling. The picking area of fat can be an area that requires a liposuction . So you can have a double benefit in this way reducing fatty deposits in one place and filling an area that requires volume.

It is a real grafting of fat cells.

  • Restoring volumes and shapes of the face: lip, cheek, chin, hollow under eyes
  • Filling and mitigation of facial wrinkles: nasolabial fold, frown
  • Increased volume of the breast, buttocks

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This technique can also be used for the following indications:

  • The vacuum filling of tissue following trauma
  • The correction of defects after liposuction bad conduct
  • Correction of fat fonts after HAART in HIV + patients
  • A careful study, clinical and photographic corrections to on photographs if possible youth, compared to the current state will be conducted prior.

Lipofilling or fat injection is usually performed under local anesthesia (with or without tranquilizer) intravenous (vigil anesthesia) on an outpatient basis.

The removal of the fatty tissue is effected by a micro-incision in a discrete region in which there was a reservation or an excess of fatty tissue.

Fat injection is made from 1 mm incisions using micro-cannulas. Insofar as it is a true transplant living cells, the technique lipofilling is a technique that allows filling in a sustainable manner.

The duration of the procedure may vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the case. The pain is generally low.

Physical recovery is usually rapid because of the light and superficial nature of the intervention.

A portion of the injected fat will be reabsorbed and the final result can be assessed only after 2-3 months. In some cases, a significant increase, there must be one or two additional sessions lipomodelage to obtain a satisfactory result.

The advantages of lipofilling (fat injection) are:

  • Use of biological material (such as a transplant), so the risk of rejection or inflammatory granuloma is zero
  • Engraftment is permanent
  • Fat gives a very natural result

There are disadvantages to this technique:

  • The result is effectively permanent, partial and sometimes it is necessary to use a second or third session lipofilling to obtain a satisfactory result
  • You can have over time the appearance of calcifications in the treated tissues
  • In breast lipofilling, some believe that the detection of cancer can be made difficult because of potential calcifications. But radiological imaging techniques have improved and allow to better detect cancers.