Care Geneva Personalized Skin Care

We offer treatments to:

  • improve skin texture
  • reduce the size of cutaneous pores
  • smooth rough skin
  • improve and brighten skin tone
  • smooth out wrinkles
  • improve skin hydration
  • decrease pigmented lesion and melasma
  • preparation before a peel
  • keeping the result after a peel

It is not possible to firm up loose skin or remove deep wrinkles with cutaneous skin care.

We evaluate your skin and then suggest a home personalized skin care that fits your needs. There are several goals to this treatment: exfoliation, stimulation of regeneration, moisturising and protection.

Dark spot treatment, before and after pictures

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The balanced personalized skin care program:

To achieve the expected results, you must carefully follow the treatment we prescribe. Generally, 1 to 2 daily applications, exfoliating, alpha hydroxy acid, bleaching cream, moisturising cream, or sunscreen are recommended. We adjust the product selection to your skin. The frequency and dosage for these products must occasionally be increased as your skin adapts to their use. If redness appears, you must contact us so that we may adjust the treatment.

The purpose of personalized skin care:

Exfoliation: An exfoliant eliminates dead cells and removes beauty products and creams, which are often too oily, thus helping stimulating creams (alpha hydroxy acid or Retinol) to penetrate the skin.

Stimulation: Stimulation using alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids) causes epidermal cells to regenerate, and it thickens the dermis, which improves the skin’s texture, softness, appearance and tone. Retinol increases blood flow to the skin and causes epidermal cells to regenerate. It thickens the dermis and improves skin tone and texture. Alpha hydroxy acids and Retinol increase the efficacy of one another.


Depigmenting products counter the effect of cutaneous skin discolouration. By inhibiting skin pigment cells, these products can prevent discolouration.


Protection products, like moisturising creams and sunscreen, are used to prevent future damage. Moisturising products help to more quickly eliminate the most superficial lines and maintain the skin’s moisture, giving it a healthy glow. Sunscreens are designed to make you mindful of the sun’s damaging effects on the skin, and their preventative use is crucial.

Cutaneous skin treatments have no latency period, and you generally can apply makeup afterwards. Patients find skin care very satisfying, and we recommend it to most of our patients.

Our educational videos of procedure contain information media and notes –
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