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Excess weight may be treated by a healthy diet and physical exercise. But sometimes, the weight is so much that it interferes with physical exercise and creates a vicious circle that makes it impossible to lose weight.

Bariatric surgery has proven its reliability and makes it possible to quickly lose a significant amount of weight.

With the loss of weight, there is sometimes extra skin. Unfortunately, diet and physical exercise will not solve this problem, and the only alternative is body-contouring surgery.

There are common areas for these awkward skin excesses. The table below summarises them and identifies their respective treatment:

  • abdomen: abdominoplasty
  • arms: arm lift (arm and thigh surgery)
  • thigh: thighplasty (arm and thigh surgery)
  • breast: mastopexy (correction of mammary ptosis)
  • abdomen, buttocks and thigh body lift

These surgeries may be combined with liposuction in cases of localised fat deposits.

Be aware that this surgery replaces a problem (excess skin) with another (relatively long scars). In general, patients prefer to get rid of excess skin and simply tolerate the scars.

Body lift:

A body lift is a surgical technique that makes it possible to remove excess skin in the abdomen and buttocks, during a single operation. It involves a long operation of approximately 3-4 hours. The scars are circumferential, passing over the pubis and the waistline and then above the buttocks, where they may be hidden under a bathing suit. The result is a dramatic improvement of the contour of the affected areas: a flat abdomen and buttocks with a less pronounced gluteal fold and a larger, lifted appearance due to the transposition of tissue upwards.

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