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The breast is intimately associated with femininity, sensuality and self-esteem.

Partial or total excision of a breast is difficult to endure, as it feels like mutilation, a loss of self-worth and femininity. It may lead to feelings of guilt, shame, fear of abandonment and anxiety over possible recurrence.

Breast reconstruction makes it possible to return to a normal body image. It is a form of surgery that should be offered to all patients who must undergo a partial or total mastectomy. It is also important to know that breast reconstruction is covered by health insurance.

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There are several techniques for breast reconstruction, depending on one’s wishes, the patient’s body type and the condition of the mammary tissue.

Through cooperation between the breast specialist and the plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction may be planned at the same time as the mastectomy, in some cases.

There is no evidence that breast reconstruction increases the risk of recurrence. Early detection of a recurrence is not affected by the reconstruction.


Breast reduction


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