Mastopexy or breast lift

The aim of breast lift or mastopexy is to correct breast ptosis. In breast ptosis, there is a sagging of the gland, breast with a low chest position, often emptied of its content, especially in its upper segment. But there is also an excess skin that sometimes has lost its elasticity. Breast ptosis can be a long-term progressive condition. However, this phenomenon can be accelerated after significant weight loss or pregnancy with breastfeeding.

Breast ptosis can be associated with a certain degree of enlargement (excessively generous breast) or breast enlargement (emptied breast). The goal of surgery, called the breast lift or masotpexia, is to resize and reshape the areola which is often too large, reposition the areola located too low, reshape the gland and/or excise the excess of gland and skin. We thus create a harmonious, projected breasts, with  nice curves and a correct position. Depending on the case, the scar is kept inside the areola, we speak of periareolar lift or associated with a vertical scar, we speak then of the vertical technique inspired from our vertical breast reduction technique.

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A breast exam (mammogram or ultrasound) should be done before surgery. When breast ptosis is associated with an insufficient size (breast hypoplasia), it may be desirable to associated it to a breast augmentation, during the same surgery. This surgery is called breast augmentation mastopexy (B.A.M.).

We can also combine the breast lift with breast lipofilling. Breast lipofilling allows to add volume where it is needed, often in the upper part of the breast called segment 2 to have a nice shape and therefore better projection of the breast. The breast lift or mastopexy is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Breast lift surgery lasts about an hour to two and a half hours depending on the technique used. A day in the hospital (ambulatory surgery) is sufficient, sometimes you are kept overnight for your comfort.


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breast lift

Breast lift post-operative recovery

Generally, recovery is only slightly painful. Swelling and bruising, as well as discomfort when raising the arms, are commonly observed. Lymph drainage is offered to accelerate the reduction of swelling and the softening of scars.

The first bandage is removed after 24 hours and replaced by a special bra to be worn day and night for one month. The absorbable stitches do not need to be removed. It is reasonable to expect to stop working for 7 to 10 days for convalescence. We recommend waiting one month before resuming sports activities.

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