The Profhilo is a non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid injection treatment to deeply hydrate and improve the quality of the skin. This is a new treatment in the palette of our hyaluronic acid injection treatments.

It can be used on the face, neck. You can also use Profhilo to treat and rejuvenate certain areas of the silhouette that have lost their tone, in particular, the knees, the neckline and the bras.

Two Profhilo injection sessions are proposed at 3 week intervals, then every 6-12 months 1 new session. The injection creates small temporary curves which generally disappear after 24 hours. The goal is to deeply moisturize the skin, erase small fine lines and give radiance.

The Profhilo allows in a few injections to cover the entire surface of the face. From the age of 30 it can reverse the first signs of skin aging. We particularly like using Profhilo on the neck. It is an effective treatment that is highly appreciated by our patients in this indication to treat lines and skin that has lost its tone.