Renuvion, is a minimally invasive treatment for sagging skin and skin rejuvenation. The technique used by Renuvion is innovative; it is the combination of the high energy heat delivered by a radiofrequency probe combined with almost instantaneous cooling of the tissues thanks to the gaseous helium. This technique allows contraction of the treated tissues. The handpiece is inserted through tiny skin incisions allowing a more effective treatment because it is in direct contact with the offending tissues, in particular the dermis and the subcutaneous supporting tissues. The results continue to improve as the skin regenerates and one can appreciate the final result after a few months.

Instant skin cooling has the advantage of avoiding thermal damage to the skin due to heat and therefore avoids the risk of burns, as is possible with other skin reshaping treatments.

It is mainly used to treat sagging skin on the body, including the stomach, back, thighs, breasts, arms, and legs. But, it can also be used to treat the neck and facial contours. This treatment and sometimes combine with liposuction as we will see.

Sometimes the problem that most patients present is a mixed one. Indeed, it is a combination of excess fat and laxity of the skin. So we usually offer a combination of treatment including liposuction and Renuvion.

A person with more severe skin laxity, especially after extreme weight loss or multiple pregnancies, is usually not a good candidate. In this situation, plastic surgeons usually recommend surgery, such as brachioplasty, tummy tuck, or cruoplasty to remove the large excess skin.

The subcutaneous procedure takes about an hour when performed on its own. Depending on the area being treated, you will either receive general anesthesia (you will be completely asleep) or local anesthesia, possibly with sedation to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

When your treatment is finished, you will recover from the anesthesia and be monitored to make sure you are stable. You will be sore and dizzy, so it is best to arrange a ride home.

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