One of the particularities of filler treatment – in particular hyaluronic acid injections and calcium hydroxyapatite injection – is that the result is not permanent, requiring regular maintenance treatments. As you know, the purpose of these treatments is to temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reshape facial volumes, correct asymmetries and beautify the lips. Hyaluronic acid injections are becoming more and more popular every year.

However, there are a few steps you can take to help prolong the duration of results after injecting hyaluronic acid or other fillers. Here are some rules that we think are important. Choose a plastic surgeon in Geneva who understands both the injection technique, the anatomy of the face, who has a certain artistic sense to beautify your face, and who offers you natural results. So, go to a plastic surgeon with a good reputation and extensive experience in the field of injectables.

1. Following the treatment, it is important not to press or massage the treated areas for a week. The injection of hyaluronic acid was carried out precisely, it must be given time to integrate into the tissue.

2. Limit exposure to significant temperature changes: Prolonged sunbathing in the middle of summer, the sauna, the hammam, a day of skiing in the cold are to be avoided for 48 hours. Avoiding excessive alcohol consumption for a few days can also be helpful.

3. There are of course other factors influencing longevity after hyaluronic acid injection treatment, here are a few:

>The specific brand of products used. There is a plethora of products on the market, make sure the product is of high quality and unanimously recognized: Teoxane®, Juvederm®, restylane® are among them

>Injected areas, depth of injection, your metabolism can also influence the duration of the result

>The frequency with which you exercise, the intensity of the physical exercises, the intensity of your facial expressions, the frequency of your facial expressions.

4. De plus, étant donné que la durée du résultat après l’injection d’acide hyaluronique varie de 6 mois à plus de deux ans,il est facile de comprendre l’importance d’avoir un plan de traitement personnalisé. Discutez de ce plan avec votre plasticien qui doit prendre en considération vos besoins et vos spécificités.

5. Par ailleurs, adoptez une mode de vie saine peut avoir un impact considérable sur la santé et l’apparence de votre peau, contribuant ainsi à prolonger vos résultats. Quelques conseils : mangez sainement, évitez une consommation excessive de sucre, évitez le stress (connu pour accélérer le processus de vieillissement), dormez suffisamment, hydratez-vous, Portez un écran solaire quotidien, et évitez de fumer.

6. Enfin, il est très utile d’associer votre traitement par injection d’acide hyaluronique à une routine de soins cutanés adaptée à votre type de peau et vos besoins. Discutez avec votre plasticien d’un plan de traitement à base de lotions cutanées personnalisées susceptible de prolonger l’effet d’injection d’acide hyaluronique.

Masterclass pour MEDECINS

TEOXANE Academy Geneva. Nous mettrons à l’honneur, pour cette nouvelle édition, les volumateurs Teoxane. Le Dr. Navid Alizadeh et le Prof. Giuseppe Sito nous expliqueront : comment restaurer les volumes perdus avec RHA4 et Ultra Deep  grâce à la «  Multilayering Technique »  

Date: 12 Octobre 2021 de 9:00 à 17h15

Lieu: TEOXANE Academy Geneva, Rue de Lyon 105, Geneve 1203

Orateurs: Dr. Navid ALIZADEH & Prof. Giuseppe SITO

Langue: EN (mais les orateurs parlent également FR et IT)

Thématique: Comment restaurer les volumes grâce à la  Multilayering Technique ?

  • La première partie sera dédiée à la rhéologie des gels et plus précisément  aux volumateurs Teoxane
  • La seconde, concernera la considération anatomique ainsi que des « live injections » sur la Multilayering Technique avec RHA4 et Ultra Deep


I am really satisfied when no one can see the hand behind a good result. Fat graft to the breast and liposuction of the abdomen.

Pour en savoir plus sur la façon dont l’abdominoplastie peut vous donner un ventre plus plat, parler avec le Dr. Navid Alizadeh.

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The abdomen is an area of the body that is notoriously difficult to keep tight and firm. Even with a healthy lifestyle and good diet, there are factors like aging, pregnancy and changes in body shape that create sagging skin. For those who are looking to achieve a firm, flat stomach or tighten loosened abdominal muscles, the tummy tuck may be right for you.

The tummy tuck, technically known as the abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that gives patients a tightened stomach. The procedure is performed by making a horizontal incision from hip to hip. This allows for excess skin to be pulled downward and removed. The belly button is repositioned to fit with your flatter stomach and the incision is closed.

To learn more about how the tummy tuck can give you a flatter stomach, speak with Dr. Navid Alizadeh.

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Sleepy-looking eyes are often characterized by sagging skin and bagginess. This is due to aging, which often affects the eyes first. If you are bothered by the sleepy, aged look of your eyes, an eyelid lift may be right for you. An eyelid lift is a cosmetic procedure that refreshes and revitalizes the appearance of the eyelids.

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that can remove excess sagging skin and reduce bagginess around the upper or lower eyelids. The procedure is generally performed with local anesthetic. Incisions are often required to remove excess skin, but they are made in such a way that scarring is hidden by the natural folds of the eyelids. An eyelid lift may be performed on its own or combined with other procedures like a brow lift, face lift or chemical peel for greater rejuvenation.

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