How to choose a surgeon?

It is not always easy to choose a surgeon who is going to entrust such a delicate that changing your face or your body task. Some tips can still guide you in your choice.

Choose a surgeon with a FMH reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, a member of a national, European Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, guaranteeing its proper training and a sense of ethics.

Choose a surgeon who has experience as head of clinic at a university hospital plastic surgery. This is a proof that he has taken responsibility independently of patients requiring surgery.

Seek advice from your doctor about the surgeon you have chosen.

Choose a surgeon who has a aggregation in one or more reputable clinics for their reliability (Geneva : Clinic Grangettes, Clinique Générale Beaulieu example). This is evidence of the acceptance by the surgeon physicians in other specialties.

Choose a surgeon who has liability insurance for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Due to the growing number of people seeking cosmetic treatment, there is an increase bids treatments. As a result, more patients are coming to plastic surgeons from complications of cosmetic treatments. Consult a surgeon who not only offers injections or laser treatments, but that surgical training and can choose from a wide range of medical and surgical treatment that suits you best.

Finally, the surgeon must be able to clearly inform you on the selection of the proposed treatment, the risks, benefits and alternatives to it.

Low prices can hide traps that a procedural candidate or potential patient must be able to detect.

The Following points should be verified:

  • -You should be operated on by a FMH plastic surgeon and preferably a previous Chief of Clinic in Plastic Surgery of a University Hospital in Switzerland (pledge experience of it).
  • -Surgery should be done in a certified surgical clinic holding a certificate Issued by the Swiss Health Bureau H + (Swiss standard security).
  • -Support of an FMH anesthesiologist is mandatory.
  • -Possibility to stay over the night in a single room, if it is necessary.
  • The presence of certified nurses.