Body contouring surgery

Our body is a reflection of our state of health. Plastic surgery can be useful
in treating signs like sagging skin and excess of localized fat deposits
that cannot be only treated by a healthy life (balanced diet and exercise).

Breast surgery
and non-surgical breast treatments

The aim of breast surgery is to restitute feminity.
Plastic surgery attempts to restore a normal and natural
breast shape and volume in harmony with the rest of the silhouette.

Plastic surgery of the face

"Each person is intrinsically valuable. Whether you're repairing a
small blemish of the cheek or a major facial reconstruction,
for the patient, it's 100 percent. You're putting them back into
the mainstream - improving the quality of their life".
-Dr Joseph Murray

Plastic surgeon and Nobel prize of Medicine

Plastic surgery for men
and aesthetic medicine for men

Men are increasingly interested in aesthetic treatments that were considered
taboo 10 years ago. Early signs of aging of the face and body may have a
negative impact on the image that we have of ourselves.

Aesthetics Medicine

In Care Geneva center, we offer aesthetic medicine treatments
that have proven their effectiveness. We also keep in mind the
importance of providing treatments that give excellent results without
the risk of sequelae years after treatment. You will find in the pages of
our website an overview of these treatments.

Care Geneva Aesthetics

Combining Geneva aesthetic medicine (non-surgical techniques) and Geneva plastic surgery, the care center aims to offer treatments tailored to patient needs. Read more


geneva plastic surgeryPlastic surgery

Geneva plastic surgery today offers a wide range of treatment. Customization through the combination of surgical procedures and non- surgical goal is to meet the demands of patients today .
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Aesthetic Medicine

Our practitioners offer treatment protocols and innovative techniques, combining efficiency , safety and comfort to meet your needs and ensure a natural result. Furthermore , cosmetic and plastic surgery medicine are complementary.
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