Botox Geneva

Botulinum toxin (with trade names Botox Vistabel, Dysport and Xeomin soon) is a substance that reduces the contraction of muscles acting at the junction of the nerve with the muscle.

Since 1975, doctors use botulinum toxin to correct strabismus child, facial tics and uncontrollable blinking of the eye.

Some facial wrinkles are expression lines caused by the action of the underlying muscles. The main objective of the use of botulinum toxin is to blur the lines and wrinkles at rest, while maintaining sufficient mobility to not affect facial expression. In practice, the most classic indications of botulinum toxin concern frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Other areas of the face can also be improved with botulinum toxin, such as neck wrinkles, fine lines and facial wrinkles bitterness. It may also correct a drooping mouth, and in some cases a falling nose.

Botox geneva is also a treatment dyshidrosis (excessive sweating), typically at the armpit, palm of the hand, foot or scalp.

Botox geneva is a series of usually not painful injections, using a fine needle. The treatment time is a few minutes. Patients can resume their normal activities after the injections.

The results are visible between the third and seventh day. You are revised in consultation after two weeks. A “touch” can be proposed at this time to perfect the result. After four to six months, the effect fades and must renew the session. From the second injection, the results can be more sustainable (8 months or more).

Side effects of botulinum toxin that you need to know are: headache, infection, nausea, flu-like syndromes, eyelid droop, facial pain. redness of the injected area, paresthesia and muscle weakness. Allergies are exceptional.

Botox geneva


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