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Skin peeling stimulate cellular activity to increase the elasticity of the tissues, but will also reduce age spots, refine skin texture, fade acne scars, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin new radiance ( smoking).

There are 4 types of skin peeling according to skin involvement: superficial peels, which do not cause downtime; depigmenting peels, which cause mild scaling for 2 days, medium peels, responsible for scaling March-June days, and deep peels, much more aggressive.

The session lasts half an hour. This treatment requires preparation of the skin and skin care at home. While tracking, the result is improved peels.

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Destroying the most superficial skin layers in a controlled manner the oldest epidermal cell layers are removed. It therefore allows more young people to be the surface deeper cell layers, which significantly improves the quality of the skin. It is interesting to know that the cell cycle is about a month in young adults 20 years and two months in an adult 60 years. Accelerating the cell cycle, one can improve the quality of the skin. Furthermore, there is a biological action of these treatments. Indeed, it appears that the skin stimulation resulting allows the synthesis of proteins, including collagen which contributes to improving the quality of the skin.

So you can see an improvement in some of the following skin problems: skin pores, loss of skin vitality, loss of radiance, loss of muscle tone, rough skin, fine and dynamic wrinkles, scars, including acne.

None of the treatments mentioned above solves all problems and each has advantages and disadvantages. In our practice, peels allow us to obtain satisfactory results with little risk of complications. In general, treating the skin depth, the better the result, but the longer the convalescent and the greater the risk of complications. In most cases, we are led to propose combined treatments peeling and botulinum toxin product or fillers.

Superficial peels


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Medium peels

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