Care Geneva Face Implants

The chin implant strengthens your profile by increasing the volume and projection of the chin. It also helps to have a surprising positive impact on the aesthetics of the nose.

The cheek implant increases the volume of a flange plate. Depending on the location, may be increased in the front projection and / or laterally as required.

Scars are generally located within the mouth, thus invisible.

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Implants can be placed under sedation or general anesthesia in the office or clinic. The procedure can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The patient returns home the day of surgery. The discomfort usually lasts a few days to a week. It is presentable after 1 to 2 weeks. Can return to work after 3-5 days depending on the reduction of edema, makeup immediately after the intervention, and resume sports activities after two weeks. The end result will be obtained after one to two months.

The materials used are solid and flexible (silastic derivatives, hydroxyapatite or ceramic).

Among the possible complications should be mentioned:

  • hematoma
  • change of sensitivity with respect to the implant
  • infection and asymmetry – implant displacement
  • bone erosion and detection – implant through the skin
  • extrusion of the implant – need for revision surgery
  • deformation chin chin wizard or too long

One can also use injectable implants, as restylane subQ or lipofilling, but for smaller corrections. In the particular case of restylane subQ, there resorption occurs after about six months, which requires new injections. A new product slowly absorbable (2 years before the resorption) was marketed for the correction of facial depressions in certain diseases. It is called Sculptra and can be used for cosmetic purposes. One drawback of this product is the potential risk of inflammatory granuloma.