Breast Reduction – Plastic Surgery – Geneva

Overly large breasts can come with a host of health and emotional issues. The large size and excess weight of the breasts can interfere with simple everyday activities such as exercise and finding properly fitting clothing. Women with overly large breasts may also develop secondary health issues such as back pain, neck pain and emotional discomfort. If these are issues you are concerned about, breast reduction may be right for you.

Breast reduction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, muscle tissue and skin to reduce the overall proportions of the breasts relative to the body. The surgical technique varies in a number of ways in regards to the incision pattern. Incisions are made around the areolae. Options include circular, anchor-shaped and inverted-T incision patterns. The nipple is repositioned, underlying breast tissue is reduced and the incisions are closed.

To learn more about the details of breast reduction, consult with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Navid Alizadeh.

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