Eyelid Lift – Blepharoplasty Procedure – Geneva

Sleepy-looking eyes are often characterized by sagging skin and bagginess. This is due to aging, which often affects the eyes first. If you are bothered by the sleepy, aged look of your eyes, an eyelid lift may be right for you. An eyelid lift is a cosmetic procedure that refreshes and revitalizes the appearance of the eyelids.

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that can remove excess sagging skin and reduce bagginess around the upper or lower eyelids. The procedure is generally performed with local anesthetic. Incisions are often required to remove excess skin, but they are made in such a way that scarring is hidden by the natural folds of the eyelids. An eyelid lift may be performed on its own or combined with other procedures like a brow lift, face lift or chemical peel for greater rejuvenation.

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